Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Gear - Monitor & Baby Carrier

Calling all mothers!! I would love your advice on a few baby items!

I registered for this First Years standard monitor at Target and this Summer Infant Day and Night video monitor at BabiesRUs. What are your thoughts about monitors? Do you feel like the basic audio monitor is enough or is the video monitor the "new necessary"? If price made no difference, which one would you prefer. Also, are these two that I have listed good brands/models? Is there one that you love more?

Secondly, I am registered for this Infantino baby carrier at BabiesRUs, but again, I have no idea what I really need/want. This one shows that the baby can be in the front facing forwards or towards mom, or on the back. Have you used this one? Do you have a different one that you REALLY love? Think the baby carriers are unnecessary and prefer something else?
As you can see, I know VERY LITTLE on all of this
and would love to hear your thoughts.
Any advice is welcome and appreciated!!


  1. We've never used the video monitor. I think it would be nice to have but we just never got one. We had just a regular monitor and it was just fine.
    As for the carrier, I used a Moby style wrap (that I made myself- SO EASY!- no sewing at all!). It can do many more holds, and ones that newborns prefer. Plus, it has amazing back support, making it one of the most comfortable baby carriers. You can search "how to wrap a moby" or just "moby wrap" on youtube and learn lots. It looks intimidating at first, but I could wrap up in 10 seconds in no time!

  2. LOVE our video monitor. It's great since our bedroom is downstairs and E's is upstairs. It allowed us to put her up there as early as 6 weeks and feel good about it. I like it during naptime too b/c she will wake up and start talking and I usually let her play in her crib for 15 minutes after her nap as long as she's not standing up or trying to "climb"...and the video monitor lets you check on that. Same price...get the video! :) Here's the one we have. LOVE it. And with my husband and his research, it had the best reviews he found.


  3. We didn't get a video monitor for either Caden or Baylor. Never needed it. I have heard a few stories about people who had the monitors and somehow you can pick up the frequency or something on a TV if you know how and weirdos can watch it. Try googling it. Kind of a scary thought. We used the Sony babycall monitors. Had 1 set with C and got another when B was born. Still use them for both boys and LOVE them. They have a great range when we go outside, stay charged forever when unplugged. As far as carriers, I had the Moby wrap. LOVE. So many different ways to wear it. And also the Ergo carrier. We got the Ergo from Wiggle Worm. Adore it as well. Have you heard of the book Baby Bargains? It is a great book that reviews all baby products, tells you whats important, quality, etc. Well worth getting when you are new to the world of baby gadgets. Message me anytime! After 2 babies, I feel a pro at what items work the best. ;)

  4. Whatever baby monitor you go with you should be sure to check on the security features because lots of them aren't secure and strangers can see your baby and inside your home. Fill disclosure, I work for a company iWatchLife which sells a secure video camera but regardless of whether you consider them or not here is a good blog which at least tells you want to look for. Sorry couldn't figure out how to hyper-link.


  5. We use a summer infant video monitor too and love it! Our monitor is handheld which is nice so its easily carried around the house while you are doing things. But, we also have a plain audio one that I got for $10 at a consignment store that I use when we are staying the night away from home. So if you are spending the same money, definitely go with the video. I have also heard of people having some sort of mat that monitors breathing/moving too so you may want to look into that instead.

  6. We have an Angelcare infant SOUND AND MOVEMENT monitor and we have LOVED it! If you are a paranoid momma about SIDS or anything else....I highly recommend this! It has a movement monitor along with the typical sound monitor. The movement monitor is a pad that goes under the mattress that can detect if the baby stops breathing at all....it alarms immediately! And I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! It totally works! Check it out!

  7. Hey buddy! So, I'm not a mother but I want to comment about this anyway. My whole family has taken a course on infant safety. We are all big advocates of Angelcare Monitors. Here is a link to more information: http://www.angelcare-monitor.com/United-States/en/products. Love you, friend! Cannot wait to meet your little guy! : )


  9. I just wanted to say...Moby Wraps are the bomb diggity! We love ours and there are so many ways to wrap it for newborns. We still use ours with our 9 month old daughter! We have an structured carrier that my husband uses, he likes it because he does not like to wrap the moby wrap. As for the video monitor, we did not have one but i wanted to check on her all the time anyways! Congrats about your upcoming baby! YOu will have the time of your life!

  10. At first we just had the Sony babycall monitor but after a few weeks I didn't like not being able to see him so we got a Summer video monitor and I couldn't live without it. There is no way I could let him sleep upstairs in his room without it. I have two different carriers, one I got for $5 at a yardsale and the other was a Chicco. The Chicco one was bigger and he could still fit in it if I needed him too. When he was little I would wear him around the house to clean when he needed to be held. You'll figure out what you like and do what is best for you and your baby. Do what makes you feel comfortable as a mom.


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