Thursday, April 21, 2011

Washington DC Photo Book

I finally got around to finishing and ordering a Shutterfly photo book from our Washington, D.C. trip last fall! I have been waiting until I have several good coupon codes to use (free shipping and 20% off photo books) and I also had a $20 credit, so I got this book for $30!

(For a 20 page book it's regularly $29.99 and each additional page is $0.99, so I had 30 additional pages, so mine should have been $60 plus tax and shipping, so I am THRILLED to get it for just $30! The power of waiting!)

Check it out!


  1. Awww yay! We plan on going to d.c. in July and doing the same thing!

    Looks great!

  2. Totally agree with the waiting game. I already have several shutterfly coupons saved up for baby announcements. But of course, I use coupons for e-v-e-r-ything I buy!


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