Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mini Pregnancy Rant

In light of Blair's 3rd Trimester Rant, I have a little mini-rant of my own...

I am a skinny person by nature, I know this. It's something that I hated as a gangly, awkward teenager and learned to grow into and love as my husband fell in love with me for exactly who I am.

Since I've been pregnant, it has been so funny for me and Jason to watch my belly grow each week!
I have gone from this:
to this:
in a matter of 10 weeks!
(And I still have ~12 weeks to go!!)

Everyone's pregnancies are different! I bet my next pregnancy won't look the same as this one has, and I'm sure your pregnancy (or your wife's) didn't look just like mine either.

And YES - I AM pregnant. No, I didn't just eat a big lunch.

And no, your non-pregnant belly is not bigger than mine, I promise.


Now, I know that the other end of this spectrum is definitely no fun (the "are you sure you're not having twins?" and other really hurtful things), so please know that I'm not trying to compare this to that.

This is just something I'm dealing with every. single. day. from men and women who I'm sure mean well in their comments. It's just slightly annoying.
Okay, rant over.


  1. I think you look great!

  2. well I think you are beautiful! For the record.. you look pregnant.. (that is a good thing) and if a large lunch could make your tummy look like that.. well I would never eat a large lunch (all in joke)

    people say things no matter what size shape color outfit. It is funny when you have a large belly (with a baby in it) because you notice people looking at you when in all reality they prob looked at you before you had the belly.

    What is even worse than the comments about your belly are the comments and OPINIONS from strangers of how to do this and what is going to happen according to their friend that has a belly like yours.. and SO ON..

    my advice and opinion (note: I am not a total stranger) ENJOY your belly.. you will miss it sooooo much you have no idea. once it is gone..well it is gone. enjoy it. embrace it. wear it (like you cant wear it.. ha) love it. FLAUNT IT! (yes flaunt that belly!)

    Hope you are feeling great! our are getting so close.. I have a blog I have been wanting you to check out but.. you are going to have a baby soon and before yesterday it was not a really HAPPY baby blog.. although just a min. ago I read the best news ever from it. SOO.. If you are interested in it.. go to: http://kaylaaimee.typepad.com/ce_jour/

    if you would rather wait until your little one is born.. then wait. just a really inspiring God worthy blog though. When you do read it. Go back to at least October and start from there. It is heart breaking but like I said.. HAPPY NEWS as of this morning!!


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