Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nursery - Clean Slate

With our precious wonderful sweet baby on the way, we decided to start clearing out the guest room so that we can begin the process of decorating it to be a nursery!!

As promised yesterday, below are some of the "phases" of our guest room.

Ahhh, the horse room. Good 'ol horse room. I don't miss you.

After some suggestions from you guys, we updated the room to the point where it has been for about the last year or so.

Then... this is reality. What it ACTUALLY looked like on a daily basis. Yeesh.

This is where Jason irons his work shirts... and that's really all that is done in the room. Another junky catch-all, if you ask me.

One final angle, just in case you haven't had enough.

And here's the room NOW:
Once we moved the bed into the office, we decided to put the little couch from the office in here for now. We may or may not keep it in here when the baby comes, but for now, it's part of our lovely minimalist look. :)

Now all we need is a crib!
Oh yeah, and a baby. That too.

We're planning to go with a dark wood crib
(in a style similar to our current bedroom set)...
do you guys agree or think that white would look better?


  1. haha i love the "reality" look - our house never looks the way it does in my blog pics!! :)

    i love how it looks now!! yeah, a crib would probably be nice ;) i'm partial to dark wood anyway - so i say go for it!

  2. I love both white and dark wood cribs, but I've always loved how white cribs look in a girl's room. More girly, sweet and simple, maybe?! haha! Either way it will look great!

  3. I'm partial to dark wood too!!! My vote is dark wood. Especially since your trim is wood and not white. If it were white trim, I would have a hard time deciding, but I def think dark wood!

  4. I just remembered that my friend Melissa has a small couch in her son's nursery and she and her husband say they use it all the time!

  5. Now, I love horses, but man oh man! Lol. And I really appreciate the "everyday state" picture. :)

    Looks great!

  6. Gotta go with dark! Gender neutral.....and if you want to use the same set for another baby wouldn't matter if it was a girl or boy! :) That's what we did! But I do think that white is girly!

  7. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone! We were pretty sold on dark wood, but I definitely wanted to get everyone's input. I will keep you updated with our progress!!


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