Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phases of our Office/Guest Room

This weekend we did a little rearranging around Casa de Lawhorn. With the little bambino on the way, we knew that the guest room would become the nursery, so at first we planned to leave the full sized bed in there. Then we decided to put it in the office and see how it looks in there, so that's where the rearranging began!

Let's go waaaaaaaay back in time (2 years, to be exact) to January 2009 when the "rainbow room" first became ours.
Wowee that's some niiiiice carpet!

During 2010, this is what the office space has looked like. Jason didn't have his work computer yet, so we never used this room. Desk, couch, old blue dresser, and junk. (We did add a ceiling fan though!)

NOW we've added the guest bed and it feels more like a complete room! It's no where near done - we've still got some straightening and purging to do, but I'm really happy with how it's looking!

Check back tomorrow for our clean slate nursery!


  1. i love nursery posts! can't wait to see it! :)

  2. looking good sarah.. I actually have a great crib mattress if you would like to meet up to get it when it is time.. It is just sitting here in my room for 6 months now waiting for a home.. in perfect condition.

  3. Hey, that looks great! I know that Kristin has a pullout couch in Cole's room for those long nursing nights. You guys might want to look into something like that for the nursery. Or I've always wanted to have a daybed in a nursery (one day)! Keep up the baby posts! Love you!


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