Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goodbye Wagon Wheels: P2

Remember back in September when we said GOODBYE to one of our wagon wheel lights in the kitchen?
original before (January 2009) good times

after (September 2010)

We LOVE the extra lighting it gives (since there was just a wagon wheel in the kitchen part and an unusable fan in front of the fridge). It's been FABULOUS!

We planned to put the chandelier up on the dining room side of the kitchen right after we did these, but when we opened up the box, we realized that one of the shades was broken. Boooooo. 

So then we had to call the lighting place and have them order another shade. It took me several weeks after we realized the first one was broken to even make the call. (I kinda kept forgetting.)

Then we got the shade, brought it home unopened and set it in the corner. Insert 2-3 month timespan. Two or three weekends ago, Jason got back up in the attic and decided to get the chandelier up once and for all! So he gets it all done and we start to get out the shades to put them on, and finally open up the box for the replacement only to find that it was the wrong shape. Double booooooo.

So last weekend I took a CORRECT shade and the WRONG shade back to the lighting store and they found a replacement in the back room (well actually they didn't so I left and then 20 minutes later they called me back and said they did), sooooooo without further adieu:

original before (January 2009)

after (January 2011)

We love it!! Finally we can mark this off of our to-do list!!

Anything you've been putting off lately?


  1. Oh Sarah! It looks so classic and simple! WAY TO GO Lawhorn's! I was putting off sanding, priming, and painting this old white table a friend of ours gave me...but I finally did it after 3 months of SAYING I was going to, LOL! I'll blog about it and you can see =]

  2. The kitchen looks great! Hope to see you guys soon!-Kate


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