Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Lawhorn {gender - take 1}

crazy baby laying on his/her head with feet up over the head
Below is the full story about our gender ultrasound on February 4th.
(Potential baby names have been hidden because I'm mean and sneaky.)

(M) 1/31/11 10:00am
I hope this week flies by!! We are having our gender ultrasound on Friday and I can't wait!! I go back and forth everyday, but I think Baby Lawhorn is a little girl. I still kind of hope for a boy since we both come from "boys first" families, and I love the idea of a girl having a big brother, but in my heart I feel like the baby is a girl.

When we were having dinner this weekend, Jason brought up that he likes the name "_______" for a girl. I agreed - it's a beautiful and classic name. I think this was his first major girl name contribution! We were set on _______ for a boy for a long time, but Jason really likes ______ or ______ and doesn't feel like _______ is "the name" anymore. We probably won't worry too much about it until after Friday! The big family Reveal Party is on Saturday!!!

(W) 2/2/11 2:00pm
Only two more days until we find out! I'm getting so anxious!! I really can't wait to know! Yesterday I felt the baby move for the first time! I was driving to work, stopped at a light, and I felt a "thud" on the inside of my tummy. I felt the same sensation about 4-5 times throughout the day and realized - this has to be the baby! It's a strange and wonderful feeling!

Last night Jason and I were talking and he asked me whether I thought the baby was a boy or girl. (Now, remember, Jason wants a BOY so bad he can hardly stand it.) I told him that I really hope it is a boy, but that my heart tells me it's a girl. I was half expecting him to say "Aww - don't say that! You'll jinx it!", but he said "Yeah, I think it's a girl too." So surprising!! So who knows, Little One - you are keeping us on our toes!

(F) 2/4/11 2:00pm
Today we were supposed to find out whether Baby is a boy or girl, but we weren't able to tell based on the position the baby was in. I am so sad... devastated even. I cried and cried and was so upset with everything and everyone. I had to cancel our party. Well, postpone it at least. My expectations for today were so high... I just KNEW we were going to walk away knowing the gender of our baby. I hadn't prepared myself AT ALL for not knowing. I'm so disappointed...

(F) 2/18/11 8:00am
It has been two weeks since our first gender appointment. I hate that I got so upset about not finding out, but my expectations were way too high and I think the Lord really used the situation to remind me that there are so many more important things!! I let the disappointment of not finding out the gender overshadow the fact that our precious baby has long skinny legs like Mommy! :) Our baby is growing, healthy, and daily moving around in my tummy. We are soooooo so blessed!!

And two weeks from Monday we will go back to try once more. If Baby feels like keeping those long legs crossed, then so be it - we will praise Him for the ability to just see our precious child again. Of course, I would love your prayers that we will be able to find out, I'm just trying to keep my expectations reasonable this time. :)

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your frustrating ultrasounds, but am so thankful for the health of your little one!

    Thank you for letting me know! I had no idea!


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