Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Lawhorn {telling the 'rents}

This is my journal entry from the week after we told our parents.
We told them Halloween weekend! That feels like so long ago! :)

(W) 11/3/10 8:00am
Last weekend we told our parents! We went to my parents house before lunch and luckily Nick was about to leave with Lee to go to the Oglesby's for the haunted house (we weren't ready to tell him yet). We hung out for a little bit and then Jason told Mom and Dad that we had late Mother's Day & Father's Day gifts for them. After a perplexed look, they closed their eyes, and I put "Mimi" and "Papa" nametags on them! They opened their eyes and were both SHOCKED!! Mom was speechless for a second, but it didn't last long! :) We stayed for a little while longer and talked and got excited. They are both so excited to be grandparents!! Then we left because I was meeting Emily and Samantha for lunch, but I had to keep my mouth shut! (which was really hard for me!)

one set of very proud Grandparents!

Later that evening we went up to the Millers and Jessica had just left for a Halloween party. It was Ben's birthday and we said we had a gift for both of them! We put their "Grandma" and "Grandpa" nametags on (future grandparent names to be determined), and waited for their reactions. Patricia's face lit up and she couldn't stop hugging us! Ben said it was a great birthday present!

another set of very proud Grandparents!

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