Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sanity and Smiles: February

This month I am going to focus a TON of energy on learning my camera and hopefully purchasing and learning about a new camcorder. I don't think either falls under the "things that make me sane" category, so...

Things that make me SANE:
*nothing - therefore I will spend the entire month of February as an INSANE person

Things that make me SMILE:
*FIND OUT if Baby Lawhorn is a BOY OR GIRL!!!!
*... & throw a party to let family know!
*ban Auto on my camera, not ready for Manual, but baby steps
*take a video at our get together on Saturday, use iMovie to make it cool, and share on the blog no later than 7 days after!
*dinner with 2 friends/couples
*read As Sure as the Dawn and 48 Days

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