Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Saturday afternoon we met up with Hunter & Elizabeth to go downtown and have some fun! We planned to go on the River Gorge Explorer, but when we got there, they were sold out for the rest of the day, so we went to an IMAX movie instead!
We are so hot.

We saw "The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D" and it was really cool. I learned a lot about the "science of waves" that I had forgotten since school. :)

Then it was off to the Ice Cream Show!! YUMMMMM!!!

I took a picture of these stairs after we went down them, because going down you would never know they were painted!

We went back to our house that evening and Elizabeth and I made Chicken Piccata - it was really yummy!

We had a blast with them!! Love you guys!!

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