Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Yearly Goals

It has been six months since I last did monthly goals. (Can anyone think of something that happened 6 months ago that may have caused this "pause"?)

I sat down the other day to think through what I would want to do for yearly goals, and came up with 5-6 major ones to strive for this year.

Then I decided to look back at last years major goals (Sanity & Smiles, if you remember) and what did I find? Basically the EXACT SAME GOALS.

And I thought I was being original.

I guess it just means they are good goals and I should continue to work towards making them a regular part of life! So here they are, my yearly goals for 2012!

Plan our meals (1 new recipe/month?)
Become a coupon guru
Clean the house about 10x more than I did last year

Read 2+ books/month (1 fun, 1 good for me)
Exercise in fun ways so that I might actually keep it up
Memorize Scripture and practice it often

This will be an ever changing category as Jack grows and his needs change

I'm so excited about the new year, new month, new goals! Here's to another AMAZING year!!

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