Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Baby Food

Even though store bought baby food isn't that expensive (and it sure is convenient!), I thought I would try my hand at making some of Jack's food! It was also the perfect excuse to buy the Magic Bullet I'd been eyeing... (Hellooooo smoothies!)

I had gotten some squash and zucchini for Jason and I to saut√© or grill for dinner, and got extra to puree for baby boy. I washed and cut up each veggie, then steamed them for about 20-25 minutes (fork tender). Then tossed it in the Magic Bullet (with no water - these are watery vegetables as it is) for like 15 seconds... well a little longer for the zucchini to get the skins good and pureed. 

Then the question was, "Is he going to like it?"
Ummm... yes, he totally does. He ate almost all the squash I put in this container! 

I wanted to save some for later, so I poured them into ice cube trays to freeze; each cube is about 1oz of food. 
This was 3 small yellow squash and 2 medium zucchini, and I saved out a good portion of each to feed him right away/for the next day.

Did he like the zucchini too? 
I'm tellin' ya - the kid likes food. Period. 

Thank goodness he's not picky like Mommy!

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