Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fixing Broken Things

I dropped my phone.


And it shattered.
I was trying to take it out of my jacket pocket to get Jack out of the car to go to daycare and BAM!! It fell from waist high, flat on the concrete.

Oh jeez la weez. I was devastated! I mean, can I not keep new things nice?! ::sigh:: 

What REALLY stinks is that about 1+ week earlier Jason ordered me a new case for Christmas, and if I had that on there already, it probably wouldn't have busted. 

I texted my friend Robert who works for Verizon and asked for his advice on what to do, assuming I would have to get a brand new phone for several hundred dollars. He said that a coworker had the same thing happen and he suggested looking for a new back on Amazon. Oh gosh, how much is that gonna run me, I thought. Less than $10, he said!!! So I found one for $7, and went ahead and did rush shipping for $7. Within a couple days, I got the new back and Jason quickly put it on for me, and it really worked!! For $15 we were able to fix my phone!

Then right before Christmas, my beautiful phone cover from Lipstick Shades came in! Isn't it awesome?! 
With an Otter Box on there, hopefully we won't have anymore incidents... hopefully.

Have you ever owned something for a really short amount of time and broken it?

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