Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mr. Crazy Hyper Pants

If I ever wait a little too long to put Jack to bed, he starts to 
get a little too hyper, as most moms can attest to. 

He wasn't too "over the top hyper" this night, but this gives 
you an idea of how vocal and screechy he can be! 
(Oh, and for the record, he wasn't going to fall off the changing table. 
And for the record, I won't step one step away from him anymore :) )

I started thinking, when did I take another crazy video of him on the changing table? 
Oh yeah, when he was making crazy faces! He was only TWO MONTHS OLD 
in this video (compared to almost 7 months  now).
This makes me laugh because he's in just a yellow diaper (like in the video above), 
on the blue changing table cover, and is just as hyper, but not able to vocalize it yet!

Wow, how time has already flown!


  1. look how long he is in the top video! omg, he is so big!

    p.s. I love the foot eating!

    1. It's crazy how tall he is! He is about 1/4in taller than one of my friend's little boy who is 3 months older! (Now, Eli outweighs him by like 5 pounds though...) Tall and scrawny! And yes, he could eat his feet all day long. :)


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