Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Jack - Six Months

Birth: 7lbs 8oz, 21in long
1 Month: 9lbs 4oz, 22 3/4in long
2 Months: 11lbs 12oz, 24in long
3 Months: 13lbs 6oz, 25 3/4in long
4 Months: 14lbs 6oz, 27 1/4in long
5 Months: 15lbs 9oz, 27 3/4in long
6 Months: 16 lbs 6oz, 28 1/4in long

Here's the little guy in his newest BumGenius diaper - the "Albert" 
(it has math equations all over it - swoon.)

Here is what Jack is up to at six months:
  • Talking. All. The. Time. He babbles and squeals and just generally loves to hear his own voice. (Who doesn't?) You can definitely hold a conversation with the kid. You may not know what he's saying, but he'll keep it up for a while. 
  • Drooooooling. 
  • Eats EVERYTHING you put in his mouth! He loves cereal. He loves fruit. He loves veggies. He loves FOOD! This weekend I am going to make his food for the first time! I am planning to still get pre-made food (it's just so convenient!) but thought I would try to whip up some squash, zucchini, and broccoli for him to try. 
  • He loves to stand up - being held of course. He loves this more than sitting most of the time! And even better - he will let me hold his hands while he stands, and then we dance! I LOVE IT!!!
  • He giggles and laughs all the time, especially for Daddy. 
  • He's SUCH a roly poly too! If I put him on his activity mat and turn my back for a second, he has rolled and rolled and rolled off of it and halfway across the room.
And now a video of Jackson for his six month mirthday/half birthday:

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