Friday, January 27, 2012

Full-Time Mommy, Full-Time Mommy

I have been putting off telling you this, but I can keep it from you no more. 

I'm not working anymore.

Unfortunately, it wasn't my choice. My perfect part-time situation kinda fell apart, and the job was not "renewed" in 2012. 

Bummer. Biiiig bummer. 
But also a biiiig blessing. 

The part-time job was only approved through the end of the year originally. That way, if I didn't want to stay, or if the company didn't want me to stay, we both had an out. BUT things were working out great and I wanted to stay, and my team wanted me to stay too. Here's where things get wonky. 

My team and I filled out what we thought was the necessary paperwork so that my job would be kept in 2012, but somehow it didn't make its way to the top, so my spot didn't get held. There are more details than that, obviously, but they are all confusing. It didn't make sense why this good thing wasn't going to continue, but the only answer is that God has different plans for me right now.

I get to be home with my sweet sweet baby. What a complete joy!

And there is still a potential open door at work to come back once they are able to get my job approved, so hopefully I'm not done forever...

...but for now, I am a 24/7 Stay at Home Mama!

When I thought about this the other day, tears filled my eyes. God has given me the opportunity to spend every day with Jackson; playing, laughing, crying, talking, singing, rolling, scooting, crawling - everything. I will get to be a part of every new milestone, and for that, I am blessed and humbled. God is too good to me. 

Thank you, Lord, for knowing what's best for 
our family, even if it's not what we thought it would be.


  1. You know, it is hard at times to know what God wants for you. BUT when something like that happens, you know it was Him! I know you will enjoy this time.

    1. Absolutely! It was so bizarre, but I know it was definitely the Lord. :) He knows what we need!

  2. A blessing in disguise! So proud of you having the right perspective about this and seeing it for the gift that it really is. At this moment in time, God is allowing you to be home with little man. That may not always be the case, but you inspire me because you are embracing these moments fully and being the best mama possible!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I sure do miss seeing you, though!! :(

  3. I have to say.. if you have the chance to stay home, do it. I stayed home for the first year and a half. It was amazing. Not many people have the chance to do this so be greatful, thankful, and take full advantage of it!

    Now, with Mady being 4, I think it was a blessing to her and myself! I am still thankful for it. I am not longer working (since June 2011) but I am going to school now so it isn't the same thing as staying home.

    God knows what is best.. he has plans that we have no idea about! Enjoy your wonderful days with the babe!!


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