Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Full-Time Mommy, Part-Time Employee

I feel like I've done a good job of updating everyone on Jack (Duh, Sarah - ya think? The whole blog is about that kid.) but I've kind of neglected keeping you updated on me. I mean, obviously my whole world right now is pretty much centered around that sweet little baby, but I've just been posting "milestone" after "milestone" and not really the full picture of what is going on right now.

On October 3rd, I went back to work.

During my whole pregnancy, I struggled with whether or not I was going to go back to work. My heart was very much against the idea, but our bank account was for it. Jason and I prayed, discussed, talked, argued, prayed some more, and thought about how perfect it would be if I could just go back part-time. The thing is, my company doesn't really DO part-time. 

So we continued to pray about it and I formulated the perfect part-time scenario in my head: 2-3 days a week and maybe some from home? Anything to avoid 8 hours a day, 5 days a week... I wanted to present this to my bosses and get their thoughts, but I didn't want them to know I was struggling with whether or not to come back. At this point, all they knew was that after a 3 month maternity leave, I was for sure coming back. No question.

Except there was a question.

A few months before Jack was born, I got up the courage to talk to my bosses and let them know that I was not going to be coming back full time. If I came back, it would be part-time, and if we couldn't work it out, then I was not going to be coming back at all. 

Talk about the scariest conversation ever!!!! I prayed before I went in that I wouldn't cry, because, let's face it - if I'm nervous about something, I usually cry. Thank goodness I didn't, and honestly the whole situation just had God's fingerprints all over it because my bosses were fabulous. They were very appreciative that I came forward when I did, so that they wouldn't be left scrambling, if I had waited until the end of my maternity leave or something. And they were going to fight for me to come back, even if it was just part-time.

Now let me back up a second, because this part is important. I'm going to do my best not to confuse you, but I probably will. At the beginning of 2011, working in my position was R, T, and me. Then R got a promotion, so we planned to hire a new person to work with T and me. Then T moved to a different position within the company, so it was R as my immediate superior, then me and 2 open positions. So they had just filled one of the spots with K, and they were about to hire J when I told them I wanted to work part-time, so they went ahead and hired S to fill my full-time position. (Still with me at all?) 

Basically there were three BRAND NEW PEOPLE doing the job that I had been doing for 3 years. So as part of my spiel to get part-time approved, I said that I could help train the new employees and get everyone up to speed (as well as work on projects, brands, etc.). Long story short - well, long story LONG, actually - my bosses went to upper management and really stood behind me and fought for me to have the opportunity to come back. And it worked!!

On October 3rd, I went back to work.

I work two days a week, 7 1/2 hours a day, and I. love. it. It is the perfect balance of keeping my foot in the door at work and staying up to date on all that's going on, and spending all the time in the world with Jackson. My mom watches him on Mondays and he goes to a daycare REALLY close to work on Thursdays.

The Lord completely worked this situation out. I am so grateful. During the times when I struggled, I kept telling myself, "God already knows how this is going to work out."

I am a full-time mommy and a part-time employee. :)

UPDATE: As of January 2012, I am a full-time mommy, full-time mommy!


  1. I'm so happy for you! What a blessing. Yes, God can see the whole picture and knows best.

    And yes! I will be home for Christmas. Actually, I fly home November 30. I wanted plenty of time home for the holidays. :) We (You, Sarah and I) should get together for lunch or something. We can Facebook each other.

  2. This is awesome! Good for you for making your work life work for you. Sounds like you are doing what's best for you, your family, your little man and even your employer (by being honest). So happy for you!


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