Thursday, November 10, 2011

Feeding Jack Cereal

On Sunday we gave Jackson rice cereal for the first time! 
Annnnd... well, you can see how it goes in the video below. 

(If you are a certain sweet little girl who likes to 
watch "Jack-shun" make sure to watch to the end!)

And if you can't watch the video, or just decide that 4 minutes watching a kid NOT enjoy cereal is a slight waste of your time (gasp!); the first, second, and third attempts at rice cereal were pretty bad... Then yesterday we tried oatmeal cereal and he did much better!

I think my best advice for trying cereal for the first time, especially if you are a nursing mommy, is not to follow the exact directions at first. It says to mix 1 tablespoon of cereal with 4-5 tablespoons of milk, but don't!! They will probably only eat 1/2 of one bite and you will have wasted 5 tablespoons of precious milk!!! I "discovered" that 1T = 3t, so rather than doing the full 1T of cereal...
3t cereal + 12t of milk
1t cereal + 4t of milk 
1/4t cereal + 1t of milk
Yay!! Much less wasted milk! :)

Did your kiddos enjoy cereal from the beginning 
or did it take a bit to get used to it?

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