Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Decorations - A Little Late

I really have no idea how I missed posting these pictures! I guess I posted about our Christmas tree in general, but never followed up with any other decorations. (Not that we had TOO much more...)

Here is our beautiful tree in all her glory. Despite the drama, I sure love this tree.

This year we set up my little tree from my apartment in the kitchen and put a bunch of little TN ornaments on it! This will definitely be coming back next year!

One new ornament this year is one that Jason got for Jack when we were at Cracker Barrel after my grandfather's funeral - a baby sock monkey! 
It's so sweet and I will always remember how it brightened up my day that day to see Jason walking around the corner with a bag in his hand after I had briefly mentioned earlier on how cute it was. Jack loved it, as evidenced by immediately sticking it in his mouth. Most things end up there. 

These three ornaments came from the same website 
( and they are all so special to me!  
The one on the right is one we got as a wedding gift, the blue carriage is 
Jack's 1st Christmas ornament, and the penguins show our little family of 3 in 2011.

Now, there's not much "Christmasy" going on over on this side (two small nutcrackers on the left bookshelf, little ornaments and nick backs on the right, green "Merry Everything!" sign on the right), but I put the big star up above the TV and REALLY love how it makes the room look more complete than before. 
(Once I get Christmas all cleaned up, I'll take some pictures to show 
you any little updates we've made around here lately.)

Our beautiful Willow Tree Nativity hanging out next to the fishes (Pico 2 & Guac 2... RIP Pico & Guac #1) and the tree candle set thing just looked funny to me right in front of the tank. I thought it would get the fish in the holiday spirit.

And this sweet Little People Nativity set! I had JUST added this to Jackson's Christmas wish list and Mom gave it to us! I love it, and I know he is really going to love playing with it (and sticking it in his mouth, of course) for years to come.

Finally, I wanted to show you two Christmas projects I worked on this year. 

Now, these aren't finished, which is TOTALLY lame of me, but I couldn't find the clips I was looking for and didn't want to resort to using clothespins. They are GOING TO BE Christmas card holders! They are canvases I painted after seeing this pin on Pinterest. They will have metal clips all around the edges so you can display your cards as you get them during the holidays. 
The top one is Hunter & Elizabeth's and the bottom one is ours. 

Then these I actually finished!! They are wooden nativity sets that 
I painted and put together, also inspired by Pinterest
I was going to say that I cut the wood, but that would have been a lie. Mr. Nice Worker Man at Lowes cut most of them and Mr. Newly Engaged Brother Sam cut the rest. Then I sanded, painted, and tied them together. I really liked how they turned out and they were well received at Christmas!

I'm really trying to get all these Christmas posts finished up so we can start FRESH for 2012!

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