Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was a sweet, special time with our little family. 

When Jack wakes up in the mornings lately, Jason will go get him and plop him in the bed between us for a bit. When he realizes he's got Mommy on one side and Daddy on the other, Jack will reach out with his hands and touch both of us. It's so sweet. 

We started Christmas Day the same way, just lovin' on our little guy 
and feeling so blessed for all we have! 

Stacking rings!

I'm still a little sleepy, Mom, but I promise I'm excited.

See, after a nap - I'm as good as new!

Our little elf! (I seriously love this photo!!)

Then it was time for some Christmas tree pictures.

What an amazing 5 1/2 months it has been, getting to know our precious little Jackson! We loved spending this first Christmas with him, celebrating the birth of our Savior - and realizing even more what an amazing sacrifice was made for each one of us. We couldn't be more blessed.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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