Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jack's 1st Thanksgiving

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers for my family with the death of my Pawpaw.

This year, Sam had to work on Thanksgiving Day (a downfall of being a fireman, I guess), so we went to the Millers on Thursday and went to my parents house on Saturday. This ended up working out PERFECTLY so that we could be with both sides of the family!

So I took quite a few pictures on Thanksgiving Day at Jason's parents house, which will be evidenced below. However... I didn't remember to even get my camera out of the case on Saturday! I apologize Guins! I guess I was too busy eating... :)

At the Millers, we had a TOOOOON of food (including chicken & dumplings) and a TON of people! I think the final count was 36?! So fun!
with Great Grandmother and Granddaddy Cox

all the yummy food

playing Just Dance on the Wii - it was HYSTERICAL!! 

with Great Grandmother and Granddaddy Lawhorn

looking at Great Uncle Bob's stripes :)

with Grammie

Baby Ben isn't a baby anymore!

with Nanny

Jason, Hunter, Bob, and Jack chatting

On Saturday at my parents' house was Mom, Dad, Nick, Sam, Vanessa, Mamaw, Uncle Lee, Uncle Steve, Aunt Holly, Matt, and Natalie (and of course, Jason, Jack, and me). We had wonderful food and spent a lot of time talking and catching up. 

Jack had sweet potatoes as his big Thanksgiving meal. :) 

We had a great holiday!!

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