Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yawning. It's just one of those things.

There are things in life that you don't realize you need to do until you really can't do them. Yawning is one of these things. I, personally, yawn quite frequently depending on the time of the day - usually several times in the earlier morning and many after lunch. Well, yawning with 4 (make that 3) stitches in your mouth, is really no fun at all.

Another one of these things you don't realize you need to do until you really can't do it is brush your tongue. You know? When you're brushing your teeth and you go to make that final swoop before rinsing off all the toothpaste and hopping along your merry way - you brush your tongue! Well, my friends, not me. No, my mouth will not open wider than this. (Okay, well just picture me going like "ahhhh" and you'll get it.)

Oh HERE's another example. So I had to get a drug test for my new job (I passed, don't worry.) and I did it last Thursday before my surgery. Well apparently they forgot to test one of the things they were supposed to test for, so I had to go back today and do it again. You know the routine - pee in a cup, don't flush or turn the water on or put some sort of special powder in your pee to make all the drug traces go away - you know, the usual. Well back in December I did this drug test and I could NOT go to the bathroom. I mean, like it took me 45 minutes or more and like 8 glasses of water. Wow. How embarassing. So last week I drank a whole bottle of water on my way so that I would be ready. Lucky for me it all worked out fine. Well, so when I had to go back today, I woke up and REEEEALLY had to go, but I couldn't because I knew I needed to "save up", if you will, for the test. So hello - how much MORE did I have to pee since I knew I couldn't?? It was rough. AND I had to stop and get gas. AND when I got there I had to wait like 20 minutes.

Whew. What a day. (Man, I am so gross.) :)

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