Thursday, June 19, 2008

Really? No, really?

It has been a week. QUITE a week. I found out about my job (YAAAAAY!). I’ve been house/animal-sitting. I decided to move out of my house. Notice, I said “decided” – I did not say that I “did”. And for a little over 24 hours I was DEAD SET, 100% not budging, for sure going to get an apartment and I was going to do it next week and move in ASAP.

Well, my confident little self marched right up to my dad and said “Hey dad, I wanna move out. I’m gonna get an apartment. How cool is that?” Not cool. Not cool at all, actually.

He countered with all the reasons why he didn’t want me living by myself, wasting my money, etc. and some very valid points were made. I was not, however, swayed one bit. Unfortunately, neither was he.

So I cried… Then we talked some more. Then I left to go back to the Linehart’s. And I cried again. Not before talking to the Fireman (and crying and then getting over it) then talking to my mom (and crying and sort of getting over it). My lucky BF had already gone to bed at this point and didn’t have to deal with my over-dramatic misery.

This morning I talked with Louise at work and told her the whole story of what had happened last night. Once I got all my frustrations out to her, she asked how much the rent was per month. I told her and she said, “Well, heck! I only pay a little more than that for my house payment!!” Hmmm… house payment.

So now, here I am. Torn in my head as to what to do. (Not that I have a choice right now because no matter what I choose, the Dad still has to approve it, which he won’t. Anyway…) Do I get an apartment or a house? Or stay at home until pigs fly. (Someone please put a pig in a slingshot and send it my way.)

I got a free bed that’s too big for my room, and now been offered a free couch and loveseat that are in great condition! No where to put them, but no reason to turn them down!! Ahhh!!

So… ummm… any suggestions???

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