Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hello all - it's officially Wednesday. I just thought I'd tell you that since I obviously forgot when naming my post "Tuesday-Tuesday". I guess that's a good thing, though. Usually you think it's like Thursday or something and you get all bummed out that it's only Wednesday, but not me. I'm just a goof.

Last night was our VERY first NEW-cleus meeting. (Okay, so I doubt we're going to call it that, I just like it. So get over it.) After two years and a new member, we've finally joined forces yet again to solve world hunger and bring world peace - or just chit chat for 4 hours. Either way. We have KER-ma, our mommy-to-be, married to Chicago; Falconess, the one who gets to marry the Falcon in July; and Hunee, the one who gets to marry Dock Daddy in August. We had some YUMMY lasagna and caught up on life for the past few months. Kerma and Hunee met for the first time and had tons of friends in common already. We laughed, we ate, we talked, we cried, we giggled, we prayed - we had some ol' fashioned fun. And guess what? Next week we get to do it all over again!! Maybe not the 4 hours part... (Sorry, Chicago, for kicking you out for so long.)

Tonight me and the BF are hanging out with Dock Daddy and Hunee and I can't wait! ALSO - no news on my job yet, but I WILL let you know... hopefully by Friday... so I don't have an anxiety attack... cause those are bad... yeah.

By the way, Hunee - you need a blog. That is all.

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  1. Dude. I'm so on it. I've been wanting to get in on this blog business, but I'm a little apprehensive... I'm not always witty like you. I'm ready to make the leap though... hold me accountable?



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