Thursday, June 12, 2008

I gotta come up with a better title... hmmm...

Let's take a poll! Help me come up with a new name for my blog!!

Good News: The internet is a great place to do surveys/polls/etc.
Bad News: Two people read this and one is out of town.

Hunee - it's up to you. :) Just kidding.

I am glad to be back to good health since I was sick as a dog the other day. I had a little bit of a headache when I went to get Dash's toenails clipped (those things were LOOOONG!) and took some medicine and figured it would go away. I met Hunee, DD, and the boys at Nikki's to have a burger before Riverbend. We had a lot of fun (especially the boogie heads thing!) but I still didn't feel any better. In fact, with the heat, people, and noise level, I was getting worse by the minute. I felt so bad making Hunee leave so early (it was only 9 and Mercy Me hadn't even started) but she insisted that it was okay. So we left and she took me to my car at Nikki's and offered to follow me home. "Oh, no, no - don't worry about it. I'll be fine." But she did anyway - and thank goodness. I mean, not that I wouldn't have made it, but she was so sweet to help when I did get sick... We'll leave it at that since she's the only one reading this and poor thing probably remembers more than she wants to. Anyway - you rock, Hunee - you are a TRUE friend.

So that was Tuesday, I was laid out all Wednesday, but Jason and I had made dinner plans with his grandparents for Wed. night, so luckily I was feeling (mostly) up to going. I was nervous, however, that they would fix something totally crazy and spicy or something that had all kinds of stuff I don't like and I'd get sick and they'd think it was their fault and then the BF would break up with me because I was so rude. You know, the things that run through your head a whole lot faster than it takes to write them out? Anyway, dinner was awesome - steak, baked potatoes, salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Mmm.. Mmm.. Good. We had a lot of fun and they were all excited that they're going to CANADA in two weeks!! AHHH!! Not me. Don't get excited for me. No no no. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out. No, really this time. Anyway, Jason, his grandparents, and his aunt and uncle are going to Canmore, Alberta for the week. Lucky dog. I'm not bitter. Do I sound bitter? Because I'm not. I'm happy for them. And I expect a really great present. The end.

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  1. so, we are total nerds... I read your blog, you read mine. We basically are passing notes in class. And I love it.

    I'm SOO glad you're feeling better!!


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