Monday, June 9, 2008

This one's gonna be short...

Let me tell you about a movie you should... not see. You Don't Mess with the Zohan. Yikes... I mean, it was funny and all, but SOOOO sexual that we definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I should have picked up the hints from the review from Focus on the Family, but oh well. Better luck next time. We see enough movies that some of them have to be not so good eventually.

The city pool tournament was this weekend, and unfortunately the team didn't make it very far - NOT, might I add, because of our guys, just poor management of the team and who to play when. It's all good now, but those poor boys sure did mope for a while Saturday. But luckily we got to go to the Falcon and Falconess' wedding shower that night and enjoy fun times with friends. And AH-MAAAAZING cheesecake. Holy cow. Let's have a moment of silence while I try to remember every taste...

Okay, now we're back. Yeah, it was THAT good. I won't tell the Victoria's Secret story... unless you really want me to. :) Maybe next time.

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