Monday, June 23, 2008

Not So Wise...

I had the oh so fun experience of getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday. Though I don't remember much of it, thank goodness, I'm still in pain. Boooo. And I look like a chipmunk, of course. (No, don't even ask, I'm not posting pictures.)

Apparently you say and do some goofy things when you're on drugs. I am so bummed that the love of my life is out of the country for a week and I have NO idea if I told him bye or not, because I can't remember hardly anything from the past 4 days. He came over after work Friday and I have no idea what he did, because I'm pretty sure I just sat there with a glazed over look. Then on Saturday he came to surprise me and (according to the story I heard later) I said, "Oh wow! You're here! I didn't know you were coming!" Then he went in the kitchen to talk to my mom and came back and sat on the couch next to me and in that time I had forgotten that he was here and said, "Oh wow! You're here! I didn't know you were coming!" Oh my...

Emily came by too and brought some pretty purple flowers and Jason brought some pretty orange flowers! YAY! I love flowers. I don't, however, love surgery. I've been pill takin', salt water swishin', ice-in', heat-in', fluid drinkin', couch sleepin', movie watchin', and Jason missin'. I think that just about covers it. Oh and mushy food eatin'.

Another thing I wanted to do while I was laid up was color. Apparently when I came out of surgery I said to mom, "I've been thinking about it... and I want an Enchanted coloring book and crayons." I don't know why, but I was set on that. I still haven't really colored.

Anyway... I'm doing better. Maybe I'll even make it back to work tomorrow - if my mom feels comfortable with me driving. Okay, bye!

P.S. I MISS MY BF!!!!! I only have to eat breakfast 5 more times before I see him again!!!

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