Monday, June 2, 2008

Another FAB Weekend... even if it wasn't 3 days...

I'm pretty lucky that I usually have something to write about when it comes to weekends. I mean, usually when I come to work on Mondays, people ask me what I did and I have like 10 things to talk about, but when asked back, most people say, "Oh, just stayed at home." Now, granted, I don't have a "home" of my own to "just stay" at, and I'm sure if I did, I would definitely do that - I am not above doing nothing. But alas, the BF lives 38 minutes away (according to Google maps) so if we wanna hang out, we usually DO something. So here I go with a Weekend Recap.

Friday: Our Sunday school class went to a Lookouts game and you know what? We had F-U-N! And lots of it. I'm not really one to get too into baseball (neither is the BF) but I really enjoyed watching, cheering, jeering, people watching, sweating - wait, not that part. Definitely not that part. It was hot as a mug, as they say. And I was in JEEEEEANS. I whined. A lot. (Sorry, J.) But the Lookouts won 4-0 against the Biscuits -- FEAR ME - for I am a big, scary BISCUIT!!! Sorry, guys - bad choice of names.

Saturday: Helped the ENGAGED with addressing her invitations! Let me rephrase that - I stamped and stuffed, NOT addressed because according to Mrs. Liner - we stink at writing. I always thought I had pretty handwriting, but alas, I was wrong. Mrs. Liner said, and I quote, "It's a good thing you girls are beautiful and have so much else going for you, because you're terrible at this!" HA! Okay, I'm really not as bitter as I sound - we had fun chit chatting and stuffing. :)

Then I went home and went to the pool with Stretch. (FYI - Stretch is the nickname my little brother has been trying to give himself for years. We never call him that, but he really hopes it'll catch on. I thought I'd do him a favor and start calling him that on here.) It was the most gorgeous day and I was ready to get some rays! I put on a little tiny bit of sunscreen and then hoped to get browned up by the end of our time there. Well, needless to say, since I emphasized the whole tiny bit thing, I got burned. Let me take a moment to brag about how I never get burned, I mean seriously - never. Well, my cocky-ness in this area was probably the main reason that I got burned... it had to happen someday. Well, my shoulders, some of my front, and my cheeks are a little red today. And lovely little old me also itches very VERY bad when I'm burned, apparently, so I spent all night trying not to scratch and failing. So now I have these gross blisters around the armpit area... so attractive for summer. It's all the rage.

Also Saturday was MMA fight night. I didn't really want to watch, but got sucked in pretty quickly when I realized how interesting it all was. Let me just point out that I love Jason to death, but sometimes I could go CRAZY trying to watch TV with him. This was one of those times where I really REALLY just wanted to be mad at him for making me watch the stupid fight night, but unfortunately, I liked it. Dang it. He wins again. How does that keep happening?!

Sunday: Went to Sunday school and then planned to go to WeRock, rock crawler competition, but since it was POURING and gross, we thought we'd wait a little bit. To back up a little bit - there was a big nasty storm early Sunday morning. And I would never admit to you that I'm afraid of thunderstorms and that I jumped out of my skin each time the thunder clapped, and that I went into my mom's room... you know, to make sure she was okay... since my dad was out of town and all... and then saw that Stretch was already in there - making sure she was okay too, I'm sure... Then I manned up, put my furry eye mask on, and went back in my room to sleep the rest of the morning. Well, that's sort of how it happened. So anyway, back to the rest of the day:

Nothing else really happened but napping, tv watching, napping again, then on our way to get some dinner we passed the future Geyer's and met them for an impromptu dinner at El Monterey. :) It was a blast - talking about embarrassing moments, houses, and future jobs/etc. They're great and we're SO lucky they're living here now. Then it was off to the nasty pool hall - not the one we frequent - the gross kind that you have to shower as soon as you leave or you will smell like smoke for the rest of your life. It makes me really grateful for our non-smoking pool hall, Double Hill. Anyway, we watched a tournament, played some pool, and then I went home to shower. The end.

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