Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sing It, Baby!

Today, my friends, I had lunch with Fife. Now, don't tell the BF, but this man is beyond hot and so charming. So much in fact, that I think I might leave my BF for him. (Don't get your panties in a wad - it's the same guy!) Tehe! Anyway, we had lunch together today, now that he and I both work in the downtown area, and it was wonderful. I like being able to see him a lot - I feel like I'm still not quite used to us both being in town all the time even though it's been like this for a while. (I'm sure Hunee feels the same way.)

While we were eating, in walked one of my childhood best friends Amy. I FREEEEAKed out and hugged her for like 5 minutes. It was funny because I don't remember being like 8 inches taller than her, but apparently I am, so that was strange. She has an adorable 2 yr. old little boy that I haven't met but seriously can't wait to. Ah... reminiscing. I walked down memory lane in my head thinking of all the times we made up cheerleading dances, filmed ourselves doing those dances, sang at the top of our lungs to whatever Mariah song was popular at the time, filming ourselves singing... well, you get the idea. We were inseperable for the longest, but as time went on, we began to hang out with different crowds. My "twin sister". Anyway, I can't wait to make new memories with her... and maybe relive some of the old ones. :)

Since we're on the subject of singing (sort of), just thought I would share that Hunee and I are masters at High School Musical Sing It. If the guys hadn't been in the same room, I think we would have done even better, but for whatever reason, we tried to hang on to a little dignity and sing quietly. Although we did mimic their dance moves. CLASSIC. My little pool master showed DD (Dock Daddy, if you've forgotten) some of his moves on the Olhausen and we all just had a great time. I'm still full on the yummy confetti cake cookies we made... mmmmm.

They talked about a house they looked at yesterday that is definitely in the running as potential future house for them. And it made me remember - I'm really stinkin' ready to get out of my house!!! I would like a shower. To myself. That I can use whenever I want. Not at a scheduled time that if I oversleep by 5 minutes will be lost. And no one even cares that I don't get to shower! Someday, my friends, someday. Dang, someday I hope I have a shower like the one in Hunee and DD's potential house. SWEEEET!

**Still no word on the job front. Dang.

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