Monday, June 16, 2008

All Growed Up

Hello to all out there in blog world! I have some exciting news...

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOO HOOO!!! Yay! I am SOOOO excited! I mean, how cool is it to have a job just a little over a month after graduating from college?! And working for one of the best companies in town! I am so so blessed! AHH!!!

Whew. Okay, man, I'm pumped. Can you tell? Well, here is my official job title and somewhat of a description. I am one of 3 Wal-Mart Category Managers (not working for Wal-Mart exactly, though). I'm sure it will make more sense to me soon, but it means I will be in charge of several categories of products for our company, like First Aid, Sun Care, and Dietary Supplements or something like that, and I will know everything there is to know about the sales information for my brands as it relates to Wal-Mart.

Man - I am such a grown up. Well, not really - one of the first things I thought of was, "Awesome - now I get to change my facebook!" Wow. (Did I just admit that?) Hehe!

So let's see - anything worthy of competing with that good news? No, not really. But I did have a good weekend.

Friday: Jason, Brandon, Meagan, and I went to see The Happening. Ehh. Don't go see it. I mean, sure it was good. But just wait for it to come out on DVD. And rent it, don't buy it.
Then we went to Riverbend to hear Little Big Town and use up some of our millions of tokens. They were great - I love the song "Bring it On Home". It was all super fun, but my poor BF has had head pains for several days, and just couldn't stand being in the heat and crowd and loudness for very long. (I can't blame him - did you read my pukey post from last week??)

Saturday: I got an AMAZING massage at the school near Meagan's house for $25 bucks!! You can't beat that!! It was great and I WILL be going back. :) Also Saturday, Jason brought over the bed that I'm getting from his grandparents. I don't know if I've said this before, but I live in a closet-sized room... with no closet... well, no REAL closet. We remodeled that room when we added inside stairs to go up to the Fireman's room and Stretch lived in it when he was a baby and before I moved to college. Well, when I moved, I had no intentions of ever coming back, so Stretch got my nice big room with the nice BIG closet, so when I moved back after 2 years, I got the little room. Boo. Anyway so I've slept in a twin bed for probably 6-7 years and I decided that it was time to get a bigger bed and luckily for me, Grandmother and Grandaddy Lawhorn had a full sized bed they wanted to get rid of. :) YAY! So I got a super cute new bed set and we're going to paint this week (while I'm living at the Linehart's and taking care of their dogs). So even though I'm still wondering if the bed will actually fit... we're going forward!!

Sunday: Father's Day. Oh, I love my daddy. His idea of a great day was working out in the yard, hopping in the pool when he got too hot, taking a nap after lunch, and watching golf. We had a super yummy dinner of steaks, fries, and salad (which I have had like 3 times in 5 days) and opened presents after that.

Okay, so I'm taking care of the Linehart's dogs Jordan and Simon and their neighbors animals: Sadie and Tucker (dogs) and Peeps, Picasso, Princess Buttercup, and Sally (cats) as well as 3 birds and fish!!! AHHH!! And plants - by the way. Yikes! I was totally overwhelmed with all of it at first, but goodness gracious - these families have the SWEETEST animals!!! I am in love with those cats and all the dogs have been fabulous.

Well that seems like enough for today. :) AHHH!! I HAVE A JOB!!!

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  1. WOOOO Hoo!! We need to go out for a celebratory dinner!!


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