Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nursery - The Reveal!

Well, my friends, it's time for our nursery reveal! I am so so happy with it - it makes me smile EVERY time I go in there. :)

For a refresher, here's my post on our plans for the nursery


Before as the "clean slate"...

And here's the AFTER!
Our beautiful crib, the fabulously comfortable glider, his adorable bedding... it all came together! And see the painting above the glider? My incredibly talented Mommy painted it for Baby Boy!

On this side, a Target bookshelf (for half the price from Lila's), filled with tons of books from our showers (1, 2, 3), a cute hanging peg board that Mom painted, and a hand-stitched poem of "Little Boy Blue" that Patricia made for Jason when he was born!

I'm still not done with the wall above the changing table, but I wanted to go ahead and show you anyway! :) 

Come on, little one - your room is ready for you!


  1. Simple and Beautiful! I love it! I remember the simple and clean days. Now (at 3) her room is scattered daily with babydolls and books. Good job Sarah! p.s. I love the painting and the theme of it!


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