Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Lawhorn {Week 37}

Want to know more about Baby Lawhorn?
Check out the Our Baby page!

How far along?: 37w1d - only 3 weeks (or LESS) to go!
How big is baby?: the size of a WATERMELON people!! around 19-21in and ~6-7 lbs.
Weight gain/loss?: +25-27 lbs
Stretch marks?: I found two! Ahhh!! (oh well, not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things)
Maternity clothes?: My maternity pants are feeling pretty tight, so I've been rockin' the gaucho skirts like they're going out of style. Or maybe they are out of style... I don't know.
Sleep?: My biggest area of struggle right now. I know it will continue to be tough for me to not get a full night's sleep, as I prepare for baby boy and once he gets here.
Food cravings?: Smoothies, milkshakes, fruit... the fruit makes up for the bad stuff, right?
Gender?: Sweet baby BOY!
Movement?: His little movements feel more and more like jabs and punches since he's getting too big for his space.
Belly button?: Pretty "out there" but I suppose it's gonna get worse...
What do you miss?: There is NOTHING that I miss that could possibly compare to the excitement of having our little guy.
What are you looking forward to this week?: (I don't know if you had a chance to look back at last week's update, but you should!) I have another appointment Wednesday and maybe we'll have a better idea of when Mr. Mister is coming!

Did you see the Nursery yet?! I LOOOOOVE it!!! :)


  1. Hey I know you are done with the baby room but check out this blog it has a cute idea for books..

    Also, have you been reading this blog. It is one of my favorite blogs ever! The good news is that the baby is doing great now and said her first word.. She was a micro preemie that they were not sure she would make it. I prayed, a ton of people prayed for this baby. I think you would love reading her funny thoughts on being a new mom! Please read her, you really will love her thoughts and comments!!

  2. when do we get to see the 36 week ultrasound pics?!

  3. never mind -- just read that y'all didnt get face shots...

    i wish i got to get another US... had appointment yesterday, and her gestimate judging from my measurements and cervix check is that she will be pretty small - maybe 6 1/2 lbs at birth?


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