Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Shower - Signal Crest

Last Saturday, Martha Nagle and Kim Opatich hosted a shower in honor of Baby Lawhorn at Signal Crest! So many friends came!

The food was so yummy (and Mallary made the cute banner that says "Baby Boy")!

How many times am I going to say that Baby Lawhorn is spoiled? At least once more, and here's the proof!

Adorable firefighter booties from Mary Kate! (as a tribute to "Uncle Sam")

Beautiful train outfit from Grandmother Cox! I don't have to tell you that he will have thousands of pictures made in this outfit...

Anna, my beautiful flower girl, was my helper!

"Good looks run in the family" outfit from Patricia - so cute!

Little glowing seahorse that makes sweet sounds from my mom!

We got so many fabulous things - his room is OVERFLOWING with toys, clothes, and accessories. Thank you so much to my Signal Crest family for all the wonderful gifts!


  1. We have the seahorse but pink. And although Mady will be 4 she still loves it!!!

  2. The celebration of baby shower is a time of great joy for all the family of the pregnant woman and unborn child, and to make this celebration a success must be planned in advance by the best friend of the mother or herself.


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