Friday, May 6, 2011

No Power? No Problem!

EDITED TO ADD: We got our power back at 8:45pm on Friday, May 6th, and then got our internet and cable back on Sunday the 8th. 10-12 days without power or internet - a nice little break from normalcy, but I'm definitely glad we're (almost) back to normal!

Good things we have experienced through our 10 day power outage:
  • We are safe, we are ALIVE, and our home is standing... so many others were not as fortunate
  • I am SO THANKFUL for my friends and family who have made food for us and offered us a place to take a hot shower and do laundry. Otherwise we would be hungry and stinky.
  • It has been cool at night (every night except for one), so we're able to leave the windows open and not die of a heat stroke
  • It has been bright outside until 9 o'clock or so, so we don't need our flashlights too much
  • It has been bright in the mornings when we get up, so we don't need our flashlights too much
  • We have probably ordered pizza once in the year and a half we've been married, and now we've had it like 6 times in 10 days
The power being out this long has taught me some great things.

But it's still pretty annoying, if you ask me. :)


  1. I can NOT believe your power is still out! Any word on when you may get it back?

  2. that is so crazy!!! yes, the important part is you are safe! but man, what a pain!


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