Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Shower - Friends

Last Saturday we had our very first baby shower with friends from high school, college, and CVP!! We had a GREAT turnout!

All the yummy food...

The awesome car cake that Cara made that matches the nursery bedding (and invitations)!!

A fun "Memory" game hosted by Emily and Becca; if you got a match you got a yummy "matching" candy prize!

And OH MY at all the amazing gifts!

Adorable onesie and burp cloth from Bailey!

I am OFFICIALLY obsessed with this giraffe.. thank you Samantha!

Tiny tiny shoes from Becca!
(picture stolen from Kristin's blog)

The CUTEST tie onesie from Emily Geyer!! I NEED to know how to do this so I can have one for every day of the week! :) SO CUTE!!

Everyone got to decorate a onesie for Baby Boy - there were some sweet ones and some HILARIOUS ones!

All hung up on a line!

Me with beautiful Alex...

...who is going to have a little girl in September!! Yay for bellies!!

My SILs Elizabeth and Jessica and my MIL Patricia!

(picture stolen from Emily's blog)

Me with Cara, my maid of honor and honorary Aunt of Baby Lawhorn. :)

She's ready for the baby to come too!

Thank you to everyone who was able to be at the shower this weekend. And thank you so much to the hosts (Cara, Emily G., and Emily T.) for putting together such a fun and beautiful party!

Baby Lawhorn is so blessed!

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