Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Goals - How'd I Do?

October was a really great month! If you remember from my Goals for the month, God had really placed it on my heart to feed my family better food. Over the course of the month, I made several changes that have been really positive already! I need to do a whole "healthy" post to explain some of the things we're doing, so I will put that on my list of things to do. :)

     *Try to have at least 1 fresh veggie every night w/dinner - YES! I would say that we did very well with this. It may not have been every night, but it's been in the front of my mind to use fresh veggies instead of canned this month.
     *Eat less junk :) - This is a MAYBE - I know we've been eating better overall, but c'mon, it was Halloween, so I binged on some candy right at the end. :)
     *Make a solid attempt at homemade bread! - YES! While my first attempt was a MAJOR FAILURE, I have made it twice since and have gotten the compliment of all compliments from the hubby: "Babe, your bread is SO good!" WHOO HOO!! So no more store bread for us!
     *Stick to food budget - YES! In all honesty, I think we went over by about $10, but in light of our previous month (where we went over quite a bit more than that...) AND the fact that I bought more organic stuff than I ever have before, I'm calling this a win. 

     *Take weekly belly photos - FAIL. I did three weeks (17, 18, 19) but haven't done 20 or 21 yet. I haven't even told you guys the story of finding out we were pregnant or anything... I sure do you love you, little baby!! Even if I'm not showing it on the blog!!
     *HOPEFULLY find out if Baby #2 is a boy or a girl!!! - YES! Here's big brother revealing it to the blog-world for me. :)

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