Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby #2 - {18 weeks}

How far along?: 18w {18 weeks w/Jack}
How big is baby?: The size of a sweet potato.
Weight gain/loss?: About +3 lbs? I truly feel like I have POPPED in the last 2 days. 
Stretch marks?: No new ones.
Maternity clothes?: Not yet, just using a rubber band to make my jeans bigger.
Sleep?: Sleeping pretty well even w/a 15 mo. old!
Food cravings?: Loving hot tea in the mornings. And the afternoons.  
Gender?: We will hopefully find out in a week!!! Right now, Jason and I both feel like the baby is a boy, a little brother for Jack-Jack! But of course, I could be totally surprised with ribbons and bows. :)
Movement?: Yes! Anytime I'm settled down, I can feel the little thumps! So fun!! 
Belly button?: Definitely have a 2nd baby belly button!
What do you miss?: As I said last week, I've been feeling a little yucky the past week or so - headaches, stomach issues... I don't know if it's completely pregnancy related or not, but I do miss feeling good. 
What are you looking forward to this week?: Feeling more movement, and hopefully finding out the gender!

Too cute not to share. This is a perfect example of most days - puppy boy and baby boy hanging out at my feet. 


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    1. Thanks Holly! We're very excited!! :)

  2. cute way to show off your belly! can't believe its already been 18 wks!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I found the idea on Pinterest. :)


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