Monday, October 29, 2012

Connect Group Dinner & Play Group Lunch

On Thursday (10/25/12) we had two couples and their kiddos over for dinner! The H's and the L's and our combined 5 little ones (6, 4, 3, 18 mo, & 15 mo) had a great evening together! 

Here's all the sweet kids scarfing down their spaghetti, and Jack, of course, hollering for MORE FOOD in the background. :) 
We laughed because we were all getting our kids taken care of (rightly so, of course) and by the time all their plates had been made, milk and water taken care of, etc., they were back in the living room playing! We adults hadn't even made our plates yet! :) Haha! Such is the life of parents!

We had such a good time in fellowship with our friends and look forward to MANY more dinners and other outings together.

Then on Friday, I hosted playgroup for the first time! Casey & Audrey and Ashley & Hank came over and hung out for a while at our place. We usually meet at Casey's, so Jack and I were excited to have everyone at our house! He even did pretty good sharing - since he had learned how to share with 3 big boys and 1 sweet girl the night before!

Here's a shot of Jack and Audrey sitting in the sunshine. Sweet!!

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