Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sweetest Video of All Time (& Gender Reveal!)

Jack had been saying "I seeeeee you" and I wanted to get it on video. Little did I know that he would give me so much more than that! I literally tear up every time I watch this - I know it may be the pregancy hormones, but seeing this helps me know that Jack is going to be the best big brother. 

And.... surprise!! If you don't already know, you will get to find out the gender of Baby Lawhorn #2 in this video!! We are so thrilled!!

Excuse me, I have to go find my tissues.


  1. Sweetest video EVER!! :) So excited!!

  2. Oh geez this was just too much! Such a SWEEEEEEET baby Jack and an amazing big brother already!

  3. How cute! love love his sweet little voice talking to his brother. You will cherish that forever.


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