Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girls Craft Night

EDITED TO ADD: final pictures of everyone's wreaths are now at the bottom!

Last Friday night a few girls from church got together at Stephanie's house for a craft night! The plan was to make a Halloween ribbon wreath like at The Picky Apple, but I knew that I wanted to make a Tennessee wreath right away! You can check out her blog for official instructions, but basically you get a ton of ribbon, cut it into strips, then hot glue it into a loop and glue that onto a wreath. 

I have to brag on Jack for a minute - he was AMAZING the whole time. He was happy when he was awake and sleeping otherwise. :)

We worked hard on our wreaths while chatting the evening away. Before I left, I took pictures of where everyone was in the process:
Stephanie & Debra

Amanda & Alissa

(Jennifer was there too! She didn't work on a wreath but just came to enjoy some girl time - she's got a lot of testosterone goin' on at her place.)
And me! I got a lot further than I thought I would (since I wasn't done looping all my ribbon when I got there...), then I finished it up on Saturday afternoon!

I LOVE how it turned out!

I have a little football that I'm going to add to the bottom right with "The Lawhorns" on it, but I thought I would go ahead and put it up! I'm so proud of myself for actually FINISHING a craft project! 

Thanks to Stephanie & Amanda for "forcing" me to be crafty! :)

Final pictures of everyone's wreaths (in the order they were shown above)!




Everyone's turned out so awesome and FULL looking! I love it!!


  1. That is REALLY cute! It might look better in other colors, but how adorable! Good job, SL!

  2. I love it!!! I totally want to make one now!

  3. Oh, I love how all of the ladies' wreaths look, but I especially love yours! Your college colors are so similar to mine (The University of Texas...Hook 'Em!) that I'm feeling inspired to make another wreath for football season. I'm flattered that you used my ribbon wreath as the project for your girl's craft night (and what a great idea for a little girl time!). Thanks so much for the shoutout!

  4. I'm lovin' the wreaths! I've already bought and cut ribbon for my own! I'm doing autumn colors... golds, oranges, reds, browns.

    I love Debra's color scheme!

    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

  5. i'm doing the wreath too! it's such a labor of love!

  6. Sarah, This is too cool! My girlfriends and sister have a weekly crafting night/ girls night too! It is always so much fun. We finished crazy quilts not too long ago and are on to dog beds!

    Love seeing pics of your little one!

    Hope all is well!



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