Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shots are Un-Fun

Today Jackson had his 2 month check-up (tomorrow is 2 months - can you BELIEVE it?!) which meant he had to get shots. So in preparation, I put him in this "Tough Guy" outfit so that he would feel tough.
{sidenote: before we left, I took out the "newborn insert" that 
was underneath his tushie - he's getting so big!}

"Mommy, I think YOU need to be wearing this..."

He did fine (I mean, he screamed bloody murder, but that's what I expected). 
Since we've been home, though, he has not been the happiest camper. 
Yeah, that's what he thinks about those shots.

Check back tomorrow for the official 2 month stats and photos! :)

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  1. Poor little guy! In that 2nd photo, he looks like he knew what you were taking him to do and he was not too pleased about it. :)


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