Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 25th Birthday!

Tuesday was my 25th birthday! What a wonderful, crazy busy time in life!! Loving on a newborn, celebrating 2 wonderful years of marriage, and turning 25 - all within about 6 weeks! 

Mr. Jack and I met up with Alex and went out to Hamilton Place to do a little shopping. It was Jack's first time to go to the mall! We hit up a few stores then Jackson started getting fussy and Alex suggested going to Motherhood Maternity because they will let you nurse in the dressing rooms AND they have their own bathroom. Haha! Perfect for our new mommy and pregnant girl combo! :) After that we went to Forever 21!! LOVE accessory shopping there! 

Later on I headed over to Emily & David's for their big REVEAL party!!! And it's a... well, I'll let Emily tell you!

Before we left, Becca & Em put candles in a cupcake for me for my bday! It was great to be able to celebrate Baby Geyer AND my bday with such sweet friends!
What a fabulous birthday!!

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  1. Sorry that (super cute) photo is out of focus!! Ugh... David is not the most careful picture-taker :) Love you anyway!


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