Monday, August 15, 2011

Smiley Boy

Last Thursday, Jackson smiled FOR REAL for the very first time! (He's been sleepy smiling for a while, but he was wide awake this time.) He had had kind of a rough day (meaning, so had I) and I passed him off to Daddy when he came home so I could finish up dinner. Next thing I know, he's smiling at his Daddy!!

Now, for the sake of honesty, I was a tiny bit heart-broken that he smiled at Daddy first and not Mommy, but I got over it... for a little while. Later on that evening, the combination of little sleep, a rough day, and not being cool enough to smile at got to me and I cried about it. I know, I know - it wasn't a big deal! But everything is more dramatic in the moment than when you're looking back at it.

So Friday rolls around and I had just set Jack in his snugabunny (aka the bouncy seat) and he grinned the biggest grin at me!! Ahhhhh!! My heart completely melted! Luckily my video camera was close and I was able to get a few quick smiles on film! (Can you say "on film" if you're not using film?)

We have only seen a handful of smiles out of this little guy since Thursday, but I am so excited that we get to watch him smile for the rest of his life!!

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