Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paper Clutter

Last week I looked around our living room and realized that we had a lot of paper clutter. Not just the average few pieces of paper here and there, but SERIOUS PAPER CLUTTER!!!

All of this CRAP is from the 3 flat surfaces in our LR. Wow. 

Most of it was just that - crap - that needed to be recycled. The reason it got this bad is because when we opened our mail since Jack has been born, we just dealt with the super important ones and left the rest. I will say again - WOW. How in the world did we accumulate this much in just a month?! I'd like to say I have a solution, but we just have to be more disciplined about filling and recycling.

This is what mister man did while I sorted.
He discovered the mobile that day! :)

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