Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Goals

So I know we're already 8 days into this new month, 
but I promise I'm totally ready for it! :) Here goes nothing! 

last February - guest room, before it was Jack's room
plant indoor herb garden
hang mom's christmas present for us (thanks mom!)
meal plan every week (cook 4x)
clean out the fridge (will probably need to do this at least 2x this month...)

continue the 1 Peter Bible study
memorize the rest of chapter 1 of 1 Peter (v10-25)
keep up with daily homework for James Bible study :)
have lunch with friends 1x a week

do two new and fun things with Jack
continue going to MOPS
go out for one baby-free date night
plan a special one night away mini-getaway trip!

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