Monday, February 6, 2012

Clappity Clap

This past weekend, while he was smacking his hands against his legs, Jack started smacking his hands together! Of course, the first few times we said "YAY" and "clap clap clap" when he did it, but I think he still didn't really get it. 

Today while we were cuddling on the couch, I said "Can you clap for Mommy?" and he did! So of course, I whipped out my phone and turned it so he could watch himself while I filmed. 
And when he actually clapped when I asked, I definitely squeal "Yayyyeeeeee!!" But really, if you can't get excited about your baby clapping, what else is going to get you going on a Monday? :)

This poor kid is going to have to deal with me being his Mom forever. :)


  1. i swear at 1:00 when you asked him to clap again it sounds like he says "yay-uh" hehe.. love it!

    1. Sounds like "Yeee-uh bay bee!" haha, just kidding of course, but yeah that would be sweet. :) And he looks like he's waving in the video too, but he hasn't done that before, and we haven't been showing him, so I doubt it. Haha! I love our babies.

  2. I love how when he claps his foot gets to going, too! So cute!

    1. Oh yes, that foot is ALWAYS going! :)


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