Monday, February 13, 2012

Jack & Leighton

First they were friends inside our tummies.
5/8/11 - Jack was born less than 2 months later, Leighton was born 4 months later

Then Jack came along!
7/2/11 - Jack was 1 day old, and Leighton was 2.5 months from being with us!

Then little Leighton was born and Jack looked like a giant!
9/25/11 - Leighton was 6 days old and Jack was almost 3 months!

And now they are both big 'ol sweetie pies and going on dates. 
1/12/12 - Leighton was about to be 4 months old and Jack was 6.5 months!

Supervised, of course.


  1. yay! and they've both already changed so much since that last picture and that was only a month or so ago!!! woohoo!!

  2. From the Falcon (last comment that is)


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