Friday, October 25, 2013

Life SKilLs: Brianne - Eating

Today's Life SKilLs answers come from my childhood best friend, Brianne, who blogs at Truth Telling 101. She is a married workin' woman with a unique schedule (as in, not your typical 9-5). Check out her answers below! 

What is your “food philosophy”? As in, do you cook just because people need to be fed, or do you enjoy/love to cook?
I think I would have to say, I honestly love cooking. I love being creative and finding new ways to make your basic “meat and potatoes” kinda meals. I love seeing my husband’s (and/or family) face as they eat my (usually) successful meals. I have to be honest, it’s kinda fun to see the faces when it’s a failure too...usually by then I know it’s not gonna be fantastic, but it’s always so sweet when the hubs eats everything and still tells me it was delicious....even if he does make himself a snack an hour later. I just only wish I had more time to love it. Being on a different schedule every single day it makes it difficult sometimes to make dinner and have it ready for when Josh gets home from work. Usually those are the days I just don’t really like cooking, but I thoroughly enjoy knowing Josh will have a nice dinner at home, and won’t have to go to Taco Bell or Burger King.
What do you typically have for breakfast? What about your kids?
I can’t believe I’m about to admit this....but I’m VERY rarely up for breakfast. Even on my days off. It’s just soooo hard to get up before noon (eek) when I’m not usually getting home from work until after 3 in the morning. However, IF I do happen to get my lazy butt up I usually have a cup of coffee and either some toast or a bagel. I’ve also gotten into a pop tart kick. Josh never eats breakfast, at least that I’m aware of...he might grab something on his way to work or when he gets there...but we don’t have breakfast together. The kids (aka dogs) have a bowl of food each the little one 1/2 cup and the big one 2 cups.
What do you typically have for lunch? Kids?
It always varies. If Josh and I are home together we typically go out for some lunch, which usually means fast food. However, we have decided to try to cut back on that and eat lunch at home, sandwiches, left overs, etc. If I’m home by myself its usually a grilled cheese sandwich...or whatever we have in the fridge. The pups don’t get lunch.
How often do you make/cook/fix dinner each week?
I really try to have something put together 6 out of 7 days a week. But we all know life happens, and plans always get changed. It usually ends up I cook 4 to 5 days a week. There might be a day that Josh does something on the grill for himself and I grab what I can, but over all I would say 4 to 5 home cookin’.
Do you meal plan?
YES!! One of our biggest arguments is what we will have/ do for dinner. Meal planning completely eliminates this. Plus, with my work schedule, I usually plan out more difficult meals when I’m home all done, and just those quick fixes for the days when I work. I also don’t have any type of budget to work with when going grocery shopping ( working for tips, it’s kinda hard to have a set budget for anything, but that’s a whole nother subject for another day) so having a meal plan to work with helps eliminate all those purchases that we tend to make when we don’t know what we are looking’s kinda like going shopping when you are hungry, we all know it never ends well.
How often do you eat out each week?
Together usually once. If I don’t get to making dinner because of time constraints, we usually grab what can where we can. But we usually go out or order in once a week, some weeks it might be more, depending on how lazy we are or what plans we have going on.

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