Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life SKilLs: Debra - Eating

Today's Life SKilLs answers come from my friend Debra! She is wife to Bryan and mama to John, and blogs at The Klein Adventures. Check out her answers below! 

What is your “food philosophy”? As in, do you cook just because people need to be fed, or do you enjoy/love to cook?
I enjoy cooking, but not when I'm in a hurry.  So, that means I have to plan ahead, or it's just another chore.
What do you typically have for breakfast? What about your kids?
I usually eat cereal or toast.  My favorite is raisin toast, but I'm out right now because I keep forgetting to go to the Little Debbie Outlet, and I'm too cheap to buy it at the grocery!  John gets milk for breakfast right now, although I'm sure it won't be long till he starts wanting some fruit or something.  (He's 6 months).
What do you typically have for lunch? Kids?
Lunch is hit or miss.  Lately, I've been enjoying a chicken salad kick.  Easy to make and keep in the fridge, so it's quick to pull out and make a sandwich.  If we're out running errands, it's whatever strikes me.  Again...John gets milk.
How often do you make/cook/fix dinner each week?
Probably only about 3-4 times.  I would love to cook more, but we are just a little busy lately and I haven't gotten back into a routine since the baby came.  We used to eat in 5 nights a week, leftovers one night, and date night one night.  I got into a really great routine and it was working well, but then....well, life happened!  By the way, I make John dinner every night.  It's automatic (he's nursing).
Do you meal plan?
Not right now - at least not consistently.  I would love to be better about it, and like I said earlier, I was better about it for a few months and it made life a lot easier.  Maybe I'll get back into it again.  When I did, I used a website - to help me get myself together.  It is a lot of work on the front end - putting in recipes that you use regularly so you can automatically populate a shopping list - but it was so handy when I got it up and running.  I had the iphone app too so that I couldn't forget my shopping list, which I'm known to do.  I do plan John's meals...milk, milk, milk...oh, and now, rice cereal!
How often do you eat out each week?
We eat out for dinner probably once or twice a week.  Right now we also bring dinner home at least once a week (sandwiches or pizza).  We also eat sunday lunch out.  I guess we eat out more than I'd care to admit!!

Don't worry Debra, we do too!! :)

Well, we have had 6 (including me) installments of Life SKilLs so far! I'm going to take a week or so break from these and then start back up with the Cleaning questions I asked everyone. I'd love to hear from YOU - leave a comment and I will send you the next set of questions. Even if I am interviewing someone with a similar "story" as you, YOUR story is different! And important! And someone will be thankful to read what you have to say.
Okay? Let me know!


  1. I would love to weigh in on the cleaning questions! Ans I can't wait to hear all of the other responses!

    1. Awesome!! I just sent you an email to your "coach" address. Is that still the best one?


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