Monday, October 21, 2013

Life SKilLs: Rikki - Eating

It's time for another installment of Life SKilLs! Today we have answers from Rikki! She is a working woman with a hubby, a dog, 2 cats, and a bird! She blogs at cocktails & confetti. And she's hilarious.
What is your “food philosophy”? As in, do you cook just because people need to be fed, or do you enjoy/love to cook?
I am a terrible cook. Really. Fortunately, Austin can cook practically anything without even needing a recipe. So if it's me cooking, it's probably because Austin is not home and I'm trying to not starve. I am trying to be better about cooking, though. About once a month or so Austin and I will try a new food or recipe and Austin helps me avoid chopping off my own fingers. Now, baking-with a very specific exact recipe-I'm totally your girl.
What do you typically have for breakfast? What about your kids?
Cereal. Dry. Out of the box by the handful. I'll have this for about three months or so, then I'll pick something new. I go through phases where I eat the same thing every day. So ask me again in a few months and I'll probably be on to frozen french toast sticks or toast with jelly before I circle back around to cereal again.
What do you typically have for lunch? Kids?
Half a peanut butter sandwich and a pack of fruit snacks. I may not have any kids, but I sure do eat like one. This is what I pack every day for lunch at work. Rarely, I might pack some leftovers from dinner earlier in the week. For work though, I do home health, which means I'm driving around lots of the time and perishable foods + hot car = tummy ache. So I usually have to pack something that might not ever see a refrigerator. Lunch on the weekends is almost always leftovers from the week's dinners.
How often do you make/cook/fix dinner each week?
We cook together on most nights. If we have a recipe I can handle it. If it's something we're making without a recipe Austin takes over more. I've never been good with things like "season to taste" or add a "pinch" of this or a "dash" of that. This type A personality girl needs a pretty specific recipe and clear instructions. And a slap-chop so my digits stay in tact and not a side dish.
Do you meal plan?
Yes! We plan our meals before heading to the grocery store each week. Grocery shopping is literally my least favorite thing in the whole entire world. If it were up to me we would buy bread, peanut butter and cheese each week and call it a day. Maybe throw some cookies in the cart for good measure. So as far as I'm concerned we meal plan simply to make grocery shopping less miserable for me, because we have a plan so we can get it, get out, and pretend it never happened.
How often do you eat out each week?
We usually end up eating out once per week. We hardly ever eat fast food, mostly because I'm vegetarian and fast food doesn't really cater to that kind of diet. Austin would probably go out for lunch just about every day if I didn't strongly encourage him to pack his lunch. I would say we run out for a quick dessert relatively often though, maybe 3 times a month. I have a serious sweet tooth and after dinner, if we have no sweets in the house, I won't turn down a quick trip to DQ for a blizzard or Dub's for a peanut butter milkshake.

Are you enjoying this series? 

We have SEVERAL more friends lined up for the "Eating" questions and then... I'll share everyone's "Cleaning" answers! I hope that you will find a few ladies that you can relate to, and find a few new blogs to check out. :)

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